Medical Advice

  1. Participants should take responsibility for your own health. Adopting a healthy lifestyle through good diet and exercise has been shown to prevent or control many chronic diseases. However, you should also be aware of your own health status by going for regular check-ups with your doctor.
  2. Participants who are not feeling well prior to Race Day are advised not to take part in the Race and to seek medical confirmation from their doctors.
  3. Participants are to ensure that they are well hydrated before, during and after the run to replace the amount of fluid lost. Sports drinks are good for longer duration exercises (longer than 60 minutes) to help replenish some of the salts lost.
  4. Participants are advised against the consumption of alcohol or stimulants or any kind of drugs within 24 hours of their race.
  5. Participants should know that improper footwear can cause pain/discomfort and lead to limb injuries. Use the correct type of footwear that fit you properly.
  6. Participants are advised to dress in light and thin running attire. This is to allow sweat to evaporate easily to assist in cooling.
  7. Participants should make time for warm-ups. Warming up prepares the mind and the body for the run and increases your body temperature, heart and breathing rates.
  8. Participants should perform stretching as it increases the flexibility of your muscles so that they are able to respond properly when being used. Stretching should involve moving the muscles through the full range of movement to be performed.
  9. After the race, participants should perform cool down, usually lasting five to 10 minutes. It allows the body's physiology, such as heart rate, and blood pressure, to gradually return to pre-exercise levels. It facilitates waste products to be transported away from the muscles, thus minimizing soreness.
  10. Any participants who feel unwell or experience any pain/discomfort during the course of the race should stop and seek immediate medical attention at designated medical posts.
  11. The Organisers reserve the right to remove any participant deemed physically incapable of continuing the race.