All payment would have to be made using Credit Card, IFAAS or NFS.  
Schools or Divisions who wish to sponsor their staff can register via group registration and made payment via IFAAS (Schools) or NFS (HQ Divisions).  Approval to use the Staff Well-being Fund must be sought from your Principals or Division Head.  Payment to be made to (Vendor ID: S63SS0025E, Ministry of Education Sports and Recreation Club).  Please emal us the print screen (screenshot) of the approved payment transaction to enable us to update your payment status latest by Friday, 22 May 2020.

All registrants must register online and checkout via the Registration Cart. You will be able to view your order via the "My Account" link immediately after you checkout from the Registration Cart. You will be able to view the Order ID. Order ID will only be assigned after successful checkout.

All status will automatically be updated upon successful completion of payment.