We received a number of feedback that members are not able to make bookings for the facilities at MOE Evans Road based on the existing booking guidelines. In view of this, we have reviewed the booking criteria to enable more members to access the facilities.  The revised booking criteria will take effect when the facilities are available for booking.  The following are the revised booking criteria:  

  1. Booking will be restricted to 1 court only for badminton for Multi-Purpose Hall (MPH) for staff / member.
  2. Staff/member will not be able to book for 4 Courts in the MPH except for the block booking for PS STAR Games training for volleyball and basketball.
  3. Each staff / member will be allowed to book a maximum of 2 hours per week (Mon to Sun) for either badminton, table tennis or tennis. 
  4. Booking will only be available up to 4 weeks in advanced instead of 1 month plus 1 day. 

Thank you for your understanding.