Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership

1.  Eligibility: A Corporate Member shall be a direct employees of Independent Schools, employees of the Statutory Board under MOE and employee of Organizations who are seconded to or working in MOE. The eligible organizations are listed in Annex 1.

2.  Fee: $60.00 Per Annum (January to December) Members who join later than January but before 30th June shall pay the prorated fee (month basis) for the joining year. Members who join after 30th June shall pay the prorated fee for the joining year with the full membership fee for the following year.

3.  Application: An eligible member must present the following documents when applying for the Corporate Membership at both Clubhouses.

a) Completed Form: Application for Corporate Membership
b) Two (2) recent passport size colour photographs (less than 6 months)
c) Cash (in person) or Cheque payable to MESRC at the address stated below.

4.  Renewal: All membership shall be renewed by 30th December annually.

5.  Cancellation/Refund: Cancellation of the membership shall be written in 30 days before the intended month of resigning. Upon cancellation of the membership, the member must return the membership card to Ministry of Education Sports and Recreation Club, 21 Evans Road, Singapore 259366. No refund of membership fee will be made under any circumstance once membership is approved.

6.  Privileges: All Members shall enjoy the use of the facilities at the clubhouse located at 21 Evans Road. The privileges and use of the facilities are subject to the Club's Rules & Regulations as amended from time to time by the MESRC Executive Committee. The Corporate Members shall be permitted to participate in the activities and events organized by MESRC at members' rate.

7.  Terms: Corporate Members have no voting rights at any Club's meetings or rights to hold office at any Club meetings. However, they shall enjoy the same Club facilities as the Ordinary members. The MESRC Executive Committee shall have the right to accept or reject any application for Membership, decide on the annual subscription, duration of their membership, and any other policy related to the membership.

8.  MESRC Address: 

          [email protected] 
          Ministry of Education Sports and Recreation Club 
          21 Evans Road 
          Singapore 259366 
          Tel:  64680305 
          Fax: 64654530