FAQ - Corporate Pass Reservation

Q: It’s my first time. I’m at MESRC website, what do I do next?
A: You have to create an account. A one-time password will be send to your  'moe.gov.sg’, schools.gov.sg or ‘moe.edu.sg’ email account. After login, you can choose to change the password to your own choice at ‘my account’, ‘edit’, ‘change password’.

Q: How do I reserve a Corporate Pass?
A: Click ‘Reservation of Corporate Pass’. Under Reservation column select the Corporate Pass that
     you wish to reserve for e.g. Jurong Bird Park to view its availability. For Jurong Bird Park and
     Zoo Premium (Zoo and River Safari), reservation is based on Date of Visit to the Attractions.

Q: How many guests can we bring with us for each attraction?
A:  1) Jurong Bird Park and Zoo Premium (Zoo and River Safari) allows complimentary admission for MOE staff /MESRC Associate or Corporate member and up to 3 accompanying guests on date of visit.
      2) Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum (allows complimentary admission for MOE staff/MESRC Associate or Corporate member and up to 4 accompanying guests on date of visit.. 

Q: I’ve successfully reserved a pass. What do I do next?
A: For Jurong Bird Park, Zoo Premium (Zoo and River Safari) and Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum, you MUST print out the Authorization Letter and must be present to bring this letter along with your Singapore Public Service Card with MOE logo (PS Card) or MESRC Associate or Corporate Card in order to gain complimentary admission to these attractions.  

Q:  Is the Authorization Letter transferable?
A:  No, the authorization letter is not transferable and no amendment can be made on the letter,
      including the name, NRIC 

Q: Penalty for unauthorization use or alteration of Authorization Letter?
A: When such incidents happen, action will be taken to blacklist the unauthorized user for one year
     from booking the Corporate Passes.  For repeat offenders, MESRC would blacklist them
     completely from booking of Corporate Passes as this is a cheating offence.

Q: How early in advance can I reserve the Corporate Pass?
A: With the online reservation system, you can make reservation within 2 weeks.  Each user would
     be entitled to book once in 3 months for these corporate passes for the same attraction e.g. Jurong Bird Park.  You can only book a different Corporate Pass e.g. Zoo Premium or Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum after you have visited Jurong Bird Park.  

Q: Can I book the pass through the phone?
A: No, you cannot. Reserving of passes by phone had ceased from 1st March 2011.

Q: What if I wish to cancel my reservation?
A: Cancellation can be done by clicking on ‘My Account’ tab'->‘My Corporate Passes’ tab->
     Actions and select ‘Cancel’ on the selected date. Cancellation of pass must be done at least three days before the Visit Date.