OLive Run for Charity 2021

The ‘OLive Steps Challenge for Charity 2021’ starting from 1 April 2021 to 31 May 2021 for 2-month duration.

Important note:
  • Please download a Step Tracker (Pacer) from your mobile phone to take part in this Step Challenge.
  • The maximum daily steps count is capped at 15,000 for this challenge.
  • For New and Existing Users, please ensure that your Pacer App is the latest version.
  • Sign up with your MOE Email on Pacer App. Name in NRIC & MOE Email Address (i.e. moe.gov.sgmoe.edu.sgschools.gov.sg) registered on FormSG MUST BE THE SAME registered on your PACER app.
  • Remember to launch Pacer app on your phone every 1-2 days to ensure your challenge activity data is up to date by clicking into the app for it to sync your steps.
  • You are responsible to sync your steps otherwise, you may lose your step count after 7 days.
  • Steps will be tracked through Pacer on your smartphone, so make sure to carry your phone to track every steps.
  • You can also syncs with Fitbit and Garmin devices as indicated below (refer “Syncing Wearable Devices with Pacer” for more details).
  • MESRC reserves the right to disqualify entry submissions if participants did not follow instructions or failed to provide accurate information at any point of this event.