Race Categories

Run Category Age Limit Distance Flag-off Entry Fee
Men/Women (Open) Min. 13 years & above as of 1 Jan 2020 5km 7.45am $17.00
Men/Women (Closed) Below 45 years as of 1 Jan 2020 5km 7.45am $15.00
Men/Women (Closed) 45 years & below 55 years as of 1 Jan 2020 5km 7.45am $15.00
Men/Women (Closed) 55 years & above as of 1 Jan 2020 5km 7.45am $15.00
Men/Women (Closed) No age limit 10km 7.30am $15.00
Mixed Team Event (Closed) **
(DGE Challenge Shield)
No age limit 5km 7.45am  
OLive Challenge Trophy ^^   5km & 10km    
Fun Walk No age limit 4km 8.15am $ 8.00


  • Closed categories are for MOE staff.
  • Open categories are for Independent school staff, NIE trainee teachers, S'pore Sports School, SEAB & ECDA staff and family members.

**Mixed Team Event (Closed):  Each team to be made up of (2 males + 1 female, 1 male + 2 females or 3 females) from the same school or division. 

(Participants must sign up for the individual event before they can qualify for the team event.) 

^^ The OLive Challenge Trophy will be awarded to recognise schools/divisions with the highestnumber of competitive participants. To be eligible for the count, participants will be expected to finish their competitive races of 5km & 10km within a stipulated time. (5km within 45mins & 10km within 1hr 30mins)

This award is eligible only to staff of participating schools/divisions, including independent schools.