Divisional Representatives

Division Name Tel No. Email Address
Academy of Singapore Teachers Mr Anthony Yeong 66641318 [email protected]
Curriculum Planning & Development 1

Miss Tan Huilin

Mr Nicholas Low Woon Kiat



[email protected]

[email protected]

Educational Technology Mdm Rajabawani d/o Rajaretnam 68796513 [email protected]
Engagement and Research Mdm Zaleha Binte Jamaldin Miah 68795618 [email protected]
Finance and Procurement Mdm Zhang Huiting 65976522 [email protected]
Higher Education Group Mr James Tan Zhen Chang 68795741 [email protected]
HR Solutions & Capabilities (HRG) Miss Tan Li Hui 68796500 [email protected]
HR Strategy & Leadership (HRG)
Information Technology Division Mdm Mazdian Binte Ali 67046719 [email protected]
Infrastructure and Facility Services Shahjehan Abdul Shukkoor 65976507 [email protected]
Internal Audit Branch Miss Siti Atikah AB Latip 68796152 [email protected]
Legal Services Branch Mdm Lee Weiming, Mercy 68797625 [email protected]
Planning Mdm Rosidah Bte Hassan 68797686 [email protected]
Research and Management Information Dr Marilyn Lim So- San 68796380 [email protected]
Special Educational Needs  Miss Lin Yanyi 68319653 [email protected]
Student Placement & Services Ms Daniella Hong Joon Yan 68796863 [email protected]
Student Placement & Services Ms Jasmine Ang Ju Hui 68796790 [email protected]
Schools Mr Leslie Ong 68796203 [email protected]
Student Development Curriculum 1 & 2 Madam De Silva Lynn Michelle 68319701 [email protected]