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Jul 24,2023
  1. Please take note that the Booking of Evans Sports Facilities is solely for Staff Recreation. Strictly no external coaching or collection of monetary fees for recreation games is allowed. Otherwise, staff will be blacklisted and barred from future bookings.
  2. Guests must be accompanied by members who had booked the facilities at all times.
  3. Members must print out or show their pdf copy of their facility reservation form upon request for verification.
Apr 02,2023

All members are kindly reminded to update your information if they have been changed. 

All MOE members must register with their, or email addresses. School based email addresses (eg., are no longer allowed. Please update your email if you are still able to. Otherwise, update us with your official MOE email address via the "Support" link.

Due to Singapore Personal Data Protection Act, displaying of NRIC number is sensitive, hence all Corporate Passes Authorization Letter will omit the NRIC Number.  Staff must ensure that the ‘Name’ used to create the MESRC Account is as in their NRIC as it would be reflected in the Authorization Letter.  The name in the authorization letter should be the same as your Singapore Public Service Card with MOE logo (PS Card) which you need to present along with the signed authorization letter or pdf copy via mobile phone to gain entry to the attraction.

In case your ‘Name’ is different from the NRIC, please proceed to "My Account"->"Edit" to amend your ‘Name’ as in NRIC.” Please also update your other information such as Organisation and contact numbers. 

Jun 15,2022

The School Based Sports for Life Fitness Assessments (Walk or Run Test) had resumed from 1 March 2023. A minimum of 30 participants are required before you could conduct this event. The divisional/school coordinators need to inform MESRC at least one month before the event and we will deploy an external invigilator to the test venue once the event is confirmed. Staff may participate in the 2.4KM Run Test or 2KM Walk Test.

Please refer to the attached files for more information. Should you need further clarification, please feel free to contact us at 64609863. Thank you.

Jun 15,2022

Registration is now open for Centralised Sports for Life Fitness Assessment (Walk or Run Test) 2023. Please note that registration is subject to availability and accepted on a first-come-first-served basis.

We would like to remind all participants that they should turn up for the test if they had registered, as operational costs would have been incurred based on registration numbers. We look forward to your active participation.

This event is for all MOE Staff (except staff from Independent or Specialised Independent Schools, Specialised Schools, NIE trainees, MOE Seconded staff, Flexi-Adjunct & Contract staff, MESRC Associate and Corporate members).  This is because the budget provided by MOE to MESRC is computed based on the established posts in Government and Government-Aided schools.

Staff may choose to participate in the Run test or Walk test.

a)    Run Test is an excellent way to measure cardiorespiratory (aerobic) fitness. It covers 2.4km and is normally conducted on a 400m track where the participants run continuously at a personal best pace for 6 laps. The time taken to complete the distance is used to determine the award.

b)    Walk Test is an ideal starting point for anyone seeking an active and healthy lifestyle. It assesses an individual's fitness level over a 2km walk. The Walk is normally conducted on a 400m track where the participants walk briskly and at an even pace for 5 laps. The time taken to complete, together with the participant's heart rate at the end of the walk, his/her height, weight, and age, are used to compute and evaluate the 'Fitness Category' achieved.

Please refer to attachment for the list of venues and MOE approved 2.4KM Run Test and 2KM Walk Test standards for female and male.