Synchronisation between PACER's account and MESRC's account

Dear member,

Thank you for registering for the MOE Pacer Steps Challenge 2020.

To check if your account in your pacer mobile app is synchronised with your registration at,  please login and proceed to "My Account"->"My Pacer". You will see your Pacer ID if you are synchronised, otherwise check the following to resolve the issue.

If you have installed the pacer mobile app, check that you have join our team challenge (most common issue why we are not able to synchronise)

  • Login into the pacer app
  • Goto  "Explore" link at the bottom right corner of your app, and then select the "Corporate" tab.
  • If our challenge is not listed, enter the invitation code "ad71602" and join the challenge.

If you have registered with your Facebook account, go to your pacer app profile setting and connect with Email.

  • Please disconnect from Facebook after you have connected with your email.
  • Refer to attached pdf on “How to create MOE Email in Pacer app for those who had earlier connected with Facebook”

If you have registered with your email,  do the following:  

  • On the Pacer mobile app, click "Me" menu link at the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • Go to the top right corner of the screen and click on the "Gear" menu link.
  • Click on the registered email address. 
  • Update your email address to your official MOE email address (i.e. if you have registered using your private email such as gmail, yahoo, or hotmail etc.
  • Verify that the email is not misspelled. (eg.  [email protected] or [email protected]) and that it is identical to  the email registered on MESRC registration portal.
  • Refer to attached pdf on “How to amend Full name & Email in Pacer app”

If you have not install the pacer mobile app and join the challenge, do the following:

*No step count will be lost unless you create a new account with a new email address.

If you have any issues with the mobile app, check out or contact [email protected] directly to resolve your issues. 

Contact us via the "Support" link (bottom right corner) on our website if you have any problem resolving the issue.