Registration Procedure

Register for this event via MESRC website at starting from Monday, 15 June 2020.

* Note: Staff should consult their doctors before participating in the Challenge if they have existing medical conditions.


Pacer important registration information:

Upon creating account on Pacer app, please Sign Up with Email. DO NOT connect to Facebook.

Make sure your name and email address are the same on both website and Pacer app on smartphone.

Full Name & Email Address (i.e.;; registered on MESRC registration portal MUST BE THE SAME registered on the Pacer Steps Tracker app for MOE Pacer Steps Challenge 2020. We want all participants to display their Full Name in their Pacer app and we do not accept private emails like gmail, yahoo mail or hotmail, etc.

Each participant is only entitled once to participate in our Challenge. DO NOT download multiple Pacer using different emails. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.

Register now

After registration is completed at MESRC website, an email notification on “MOE Pacer Steps Challenge 2020 Step-by-Step Guide” will automatically be sent to participants with instruction on how to download a Step Tracker (Pacer) from their mobile phone and to join “MOE Pacer Steps Challenge 2020” via invitation link or QR code to complete the registration process for this Step Challenge. Pacer app can be used on iPhone and Android Phone.