Registration and Award (Please note that Registration had closed]

How to register?

Sign up via MESRC FormSG between 18 June 2021 to 11 July 2021

Click HERE or scan QR code to register:

Registration QR Code

Incentives award criteria

For participants who achieve the following no. of steps over the 100-day duration (18 July 2021 to 25 October 2021):

  • 1 million steps: $60.00 award
  • 800,000 steps:  $40.00 award
  • 600,000 steps:  $20.00 award

Additional Age Group Incentives award criteria

$20 each (CapitaVouchers) will be given to the top 20 male and female participants for 3 age group categories below:

  • Age (below 45 years)
  • Age (45 years and below 55 years)
  • Age (55 years and above)

*Age as of 1 Jan 2021


Important Note

  • Please submit only ONE registration to avoid duplications.
  • After participants have completed the online registration via FormSG, MESRC would send an email to successfully registered participants’ to download a Step Tracker (Pacer) from their mobile phone and to join ‘Sports for Life Million Steps Challenge 2021 Season 2’ platform via invitation link or QR code to complete the registration process for this Step Challenge. The Pacer App is available for free download on Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Please ensure that your MOE Email Address (i.e. registered on your FormSG MUST BE THE SAME as your email registered on your PACER app.
  • Do not use private emails to sign up (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo Mail or Hotmail, etc.).
  • Do not activate Google Fit Service to track your physical activity.
  • Do not connect with social media account (Facebook or Apple ID).
  • Please check all the information provided to us are accurate to avoid any delays in processing the incentives award.


Safety Reminders

We would like to draw your attention to some very important safety reminders as follows:

§  If you have an underlying heart condition or any other illness and/or injury or you haven’t exercised for a long while, please refrain from participating or consult a doctor before embarking on this Steps  Challenge.

§  Warming up before exercise is a good way to reduce risk of injury and prepare yourself physically and mentally for the activity. Remember to cool down after exercising.                                                         

§  Do not push yourself beyond your physical limits while performing the Steps Challenge to reduce risk of injury.

§  Wear appropriate clothing and shoes for physical activity.

§  Hydrate yourself before and after the completion of the exercise.

  • Immediately stop all exercise activities and seek medical assistance if you experienced any of the following symptoms (chest discomforts, unreasonable breathlessness, dizziness, fainting, blackouts and any other concerns about the safety of exercise).


If you have any queries about this event, please email to [email protected] or contact 6460 9863. Thank you